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Life lived and left for living: the arts at the service of wellbeing and care for the elderly. An art experience in a context of emergency and social isolation

Libro: Care relationship and well-being for elderly person: Pedagogical reflections and good practices
Autores: Urpí Guercia, Carmen; Echarri Iribarren, Fernando; Lasheras, María Teresa
Editorial: EDUCatt
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Página Inicial - Final: 119-146
ISBN: 979-12-5535-076-7
Resumen: Introduction: People¿s perception of art museum activities has changed since the pandemic, making cultural programmers focus on the re-empowering of the elderly by reflecting on their role in current and future society. Objective: to develop a participative and co-creative project with the elderly to stimulate general audiences to reflect on how the Covid-19 crisis has change their social role. Method: By using methodological principles of artistic co-creation and active participation, people traditionally considered as targets of museums, theatres and other cultural organizations can become lead actors of programs, including older people. Result: the value of care emerged as a central element to allow the elderly to care for themselves and be cared by the remainder of society, as it vindicates their varied, active, and forward-looking role. Conclusion: Art projects of cultural organizations contribute to social education by gathering elderly life-experience in attention to diversity in advanced stages of life.