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SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients with melanoma: results of the Spanish Melanoma Group registry

Autores: González Cao, María (Autor de correspondencia); Puertolas, T.; Martínez-Vila, C.; Carrera, C.; Seral, C. M.; Rodríguez-Jiménez, P.; Sequero, S.; Cerezuela-Fuentes, P.; Feltes Ochoa, Rosa Adelaida; Muñoz, E.; Antoñanzas-Basa, M.; Martin-Liberal, J.; Soria Jiménez, Ainara; Rodríguez Moreno, J. F.; Márquez-Rodas, I.; López Criado, P.; Manzano, J. L.; López-Castro, R.; Ayala-De-Miguel, P.; Villalobos, L.; Martín Algarra, Salvador; González-Barrallo, I.; Boada, A.; García-Castaño, A.; Puig, S.; Crespo, G.; Luna Fra, P.; Aguayo Zamora, C.; Feito Rodríguez, M.; Valles, L.; Drozdowskyj, A.; Gardeazabal, J.; Fernández-Morales, L.; Rodrigo, A.; Cruz, R.; Yelamos, O.; Rubio, B.; Mujica, K.; Provencio, M.; Berrocal, A.
ISSN: 1699-048X
Volumen: 25
Número: 3
Páginas: 768 - 775
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Background The Spanish Melanoma Group (GEM) developed a national registry of patients with melanoma infected by SARS-CoV-2 ( GRAVID ).Methods The main objective was to describe the COVID-19 fatality rate in patients with melanoma throughout the pandemic, as well as to explore the effect of melanoma treatment and tumor stage on the risk of COVID-19 complications. These are the final data of the register, including cases from February 2020 to September 2021.Results One hundred-fifty cases were registered. Median age was 68 years (range 6-95), 61 (40%) patients were females, and 63 (42%) patients had stage IV. Thirty-nine (26%) were on treatment with immunotherapy, and 17 (11%) with BRAF-MEK inhibitors. COVID-19 was resolved in 119 cases, including 85 (57%) patients cured, 15 (10%) that died due to melanoma, and 20 (13%) that died due to COVID-19. Only age over 60 years, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes mellitus increased the risk of death due to COVID-19, but not advanced melanoma stage nor melanoma systemic therapies. Three waves have been covered by the register: February-May 2020, August-November 2020, and December 2020-April 2021. The first wave had the highest number of registered cases and COVID-19 mortality.Conclusion Tumor stage or melanoma treatments are non-significant prognostic factors for COVID-19 mortality. During the pandemic in Spain there was a downward trend in the number of patients registered across the waves, as well as in the severity of the infection.