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Teaching English-medium instruction courses in higher education: A guide for non-native speakers

Autores: Breeze Davies, Ruth; Sancho Guinda, C.
Lugar de Edición: London
Editorial: Bloomsbury Publishing
Fecha de publicación: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-3501-6976-0
Número de páginas: 286
Resumen: This book provides practical help and guidance for non-native English-speaking higher education lecturers faced with the need to deliver lectures and seminars in English. It builds on the authors' years of experience as researchers and teacher trainers in the area of English Medium Instruction (EMI), combining practical advice and research findings with useful case studies from different global settings, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Spain, the UK and the USA, and a range of subject areas, such as philosophy, mathematics and genetics. The authors present an overview of what generally happens when university teachers make the transition to teaching in English. After dispelling some common myths and setting out priorities, Ruth Breeze and Carmen Sancho Guinda move on to explain how practitioners can prepare to give lectures and interact with both local and international students effectively in English, tackling difficult issues, such as encouraging participation, promoting creativity and critical thinking, and evaluating written student work. The final chapters address good practices in EMI, proposing ways to achieve excellence in global settings.