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El proyecto arquitectónico como impulso del mobiliario estándar / The architectural project as an impulse for standard furniture

Título de la revista: VLC ARQUITECTURA
ISSN: 2341-3050
Volumen: 9
Número: 2
Páginas: 7 - 37
Fecha de publicación: 2022
In the 1920s the architect takes on a special role in the furniture scene. Faced with the need to equip their works with standard furniture, appropriate to the new architecture, he finds in the interior a field for the development of their work. It is precisely in the performance of their work as architects that the new types of furniture emerge: standard pieces that, paradoxically, are born from integral architectural projects. It is then when the written media of the time presented a debate, both outside and within Spain, about the limits of the architectural project and the role of the architect in the design of furniture. In this context, several Spanish architects, such as C. Arniches and M. Dominguez, L.M. Feduchi, L. Gutierrez Soto, and J.M. Aizpurua and J.Labayen, contribute their visions from a theoretical point of view, but also through their built work, constituting themselves as examples of this phenomenon that gave rise to integral architectural works and standard pieces in the same project. By analyzing the contents of Spanish architectural magazines of the time and other specialized writings, this article aims to shed light on the role of the architectural project as an impulse for the development of modern standard furniture.