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Higiene de manos y pandemia. Controversias

Autores: Fernández-Moreno, I.; García-Díez, R. (Autor de correspondencia); Vázquez Calatayud, Mónica
Título de la revista: ENFERMERIA INTENSIVA
ISSN: 1130-2399
Volumen: 33
Páginas: S40 - S44
Fecha de publicación: 2022
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world's healthcare systems were extremely strained. Intensive care units were stretched to capacity and healthcare facilities were forced to set up spaces to care for critically ill patients. Professionals were required to work in strenuous conditions, completely disrupting their work routines.In this scenario, hand hygiene and the use of gloves by healthcare professionals became a critical point of transmission risk.The results of the ENVIN study in 2020 and 2021, corresponding to the pandemic period, showed worrying data on the increase in infection rates, with rates rising by 250% at the worst moments of the pandemic. This suggested that excessive risk situations were occurring for the patient. Any preventive strategy must place correct hand hygiene and proper use of gloves among its priority objectives. For this reason, the Project Zero Advisory Board made a series of adaptations and recommendations based on available evidence and expert opinion related to hand hygiene and glove use during the pandemic situation to promote best practice in extreme situations. This article reviews the key aspects of hand hygiene as part of the WHO safety strategy, the main barriers to compliance and the main adaptations proposed by the Advisory Board of the Zero projects.