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Robotic and laparoscopic right anterior sectionectomy and central hepatectomy: multicentre propensity score-matched analysis

Autores: Yang, H. Y. ; Choi, G. H.; Chin, K. M.; Choi, S. H.; Syn, N. L.; Cheung, T. T.; Chiow, A. K. H.; Sucandy, I.; Marino, M. V.; Prieto, M.; Chong, C. C.; Lee, J. H.; Efanov, M.; Kingham, T. P.; Sutcliffe, R. P.; Troisi, R. I.; Pratschke, J.; Wang, X. Y.; D'Hondt, M.; Tang, C. N.; Liu, R.; Park, J. O.; Rotellar Sastre, Fernando; Scatton, O.; Sugioka, A.; Long, T. C. D.; Chan, C. Y.; Fuks, D.; Han, H. S.; Goh, B. K. P. (Autor de correspondencia); Int Robotic Laparoscopic Liver Res
Título de la revista: BRITISH JOURNAL OF SURGERY
ISSN: 0007-1323
Volumen: 109
Número: 4
Páginas: 311 - 314
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Both robotic and laparoscopic right anterior sectionectomy and central hepatectomy can be performed safely in expert centres, with excellent outcomes. The robotic approach was associated with statistically significant less blood loss compared with laparoscopy, although the clinical relevance of this finding remains unclear.