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Circumscribed transnational spaces: Moroccan immigrant women in rural Spain

Libro: Narrating migrations from Africa and the Middle East. A spatio-temporal approach
Lugar de Edición: London
Editorial: Bloomsbury Publishing 
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Página Inicial - Final: 121 - 142
ISBN: 9781350274556
Resumen: The recent waves of migration from Africa and the Middle East to Europe have given rise to an ample volume of research in areas as diverse as sociology, law, international relations, geography and global security. However, such studies tend to focus on members of the active population, mainly men, and young people in full-time education, probably because of the relative ease of contacting these groups. Despite the considerable presence of women in the migrant population, they tend to be less visible than their male counterparts and have attracted less research attention. However, this very invisibility suggests that female migrants have greater difficulty accessing public spaces and are accordingly less integrated into European societies. This problem seems to be particularly acute among women from the Muslim world, where various factors seem to hinder them from participating actively in the workplace.