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The power of reflection: combining semantics in service oriented architectures for dynamic intelligent invocation

Libro: Java software and embedded systems
Lugar de Edición: N.Y.
Fecha de publicación: 2010
Página Inicial - Final: 45 - 67
ISBN: 978-1-60741-661-6
Resumen: Service Oriented Architectures offer an incomparable setting for the management and reuse of services. In the case of such big scaled architectures the ability to choose between those services often gets blurry, because of the difficulty when trying to find the one which fits better the actual needs, or even because its invocation process gets excessively complex. Therefore, the correct identification of the services becomes really important in the environment optimization process. With regard to this, the semantic technologies cover the problem of hierarchies creation and services identification, due to the use of common languages and concepts, understandable and writeable by human beings. This chapter shows a solution developed with the Java programming language over the OSGi framework, allowing the storage, identification and intelligent invocation of software services. Built upon the base provided by the OSGi framework as an entity for resource junction, the information in its internal in-memory service registry has been enhanced with the development of an additional semantic layer based on OWL. This allows new technical approaches, adding capabilities with the development of software agents that make use of this new information. These capabilities cover the search of services according to certain terms in shared common ontologies, providing concepts and values by the client that are used in the searching and invocation process...