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Robert Schuman and the process of European integration

Libro: Christianity and Global Law
Lugar de Edición: London and New York
Editorial: Routledge Taylor and Francis Group
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Página Inicial - Final: 1 - 16
ISBN: 9781003015208
Resumen: This chapter explores the relevant role played by Robert Schuman (1886¿1963) in the processes of European integration, and his potential contribution to the idea of global law. Schuman believed in an organized and united Europe based on the leadership of Germany and France, acting as two powerful lungs under equal rights with other nations. The heart of Europe should be, however, Christian in character, because Christianity is, according to Schuman, the true inspirational source for forgiveness and love. He embodied and anticipated the values that Europe should develop politically: diversity, solidarity, forgiveness, magnanimity, and generosity. In this sense, Robert Schuman was the first citizen and founding father of the European Union. In all of his political ideas and actions, he was guided and determined by his religious attitude. Out of his Christian outlook, he understood politics as a service to humanity, oriented to the common good, and in harmony among individuals and peoples. Since both the European community and the global community are incomplete and complementary, some analogies based on Schuman¿s approach to Europe can be established in the development of a theory of global law.