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Analysis and psychoeducational implications of the behavior factor during the COVID-19 emergency
Autores: de la Fuente Arias, Jesús (Autor de correspondencia); Kauffman, D.F.; Dempsy, M.S.; Kauffman, Y.
Título de la revista: FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
ISSN: 1664-1078
Volumen: 12
Páginas: 613881
Fecha de publicación: 2021
This theoretical analysis seeks to contribute to three objectives within the context of the proposed Frontiers Research Topic: (1) delimit two levels of analysis in the present pandemic situation: medicine-epidemiology and behavioral psychology, still under-addressed. While medicine has its essential role on the biological side, psychology has a comparable role on the behavioral side. (2) Analyze the importance of behavioral-educational factors in the pandemic situation, using a precise theoretical model from educational psychology for this analysis. (3) Propose preventive, psychoeducational intervention strategies based on the previous analyses.