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Phenothiazines and Selenocompounds: A Potential Novel Combination Therapy of Multidrug Resistant Cancer

Autores: Gajdacs, M.; Nove, M.; Csonka, A.; Varga, B. ; Sanmartín Grijalba, Carmen; Domínguez Álvarez, Enrique; Spengler, G. (Autor de correspondencia)
Título de la revista: ANTICANCER RESEARCH
ISSN: 0250-7005
Volumen: 40
Número: 9
Páginas: 4921 - 4928
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Background/Aim: Phenothiazines constitute a versatile family of compounds in terms of biological activity, which have also gained a considerable attention in cancer research. Materials and Methods: Three phenothiazines (promethazine, chlorpromazine and thioridazine) have been tested in combination with 11 active selenocompounds against MDR (ABCB1-overexpressing) mouse T-lymphoma cells to investigate their activity as combination chemotherapy and as antitumor adjuvants in vitro with a checkerboard combination assay. Results: Seven selenocompounds showed toxicity on mouse embryonic fibroblasts, while three showed selectivity towards tumor cells. Two compounds showed synergism with all tested phenothiazines in low concentration ranges (1.46-11 25 mu M). Thioridazine was the most potent among the three phenothiazines. Conclusion: Phenothiazines belonging to different generations showed different levels of adjuvant activities. All the tested phenothiazines are already approved medicines with known pharmacological and toxicity profiles, therefore, their use as adjuvants in cancer may be considered as a potential drug repurposing strategy.