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La modalidad epistémica en ELE: retos en la descripción de la semántica de varias unidades a partir de una selección de materiales didácticos

Título de la revista: CULTURE CROSSROADS
ISSN: 2500-9974
Volumen: 15
Páginas: 132 - 144
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Spanish possesses a vast array of items that codify the speaker's degree of certainty or doubt (i.e., epistemic modality), such as quizá, igual, seguramente or sin duda. Little attention has been devoted to them in the field of Spanish as a Foreign Language, especially regarding their semantics. The aim of this article is to show that some of the semantic descriptions of such items reveal inconsistencies in a variety of didactic sources, and this might hinder students from mastering them. We focus on three case studies involving (a) where certain items are allocated in the epistemic scale, (b) how a group of similar expressions are treated, and (c) how the semantics of an adverb is described vis-à-vis its cognates in other languages.