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Evidencia y experiencia de bótox en migraña crónica: recomendaciones para la práctica clínica diaria

Autores: Gago-Veiga, A. B.; Santos-Lasaosa, S.; Cuadrado, M. L.; Guerrero, Á. L.; Irimia Sieira, Pablo; Láinez, J. M.; Leira, R.; Pascual, J.; Sanchez del Río, M.; Viguera, J.; Pozo-Rosich, P.
ISSN: 0213-4853
Volumen: 34
Número: 6
Páginas: 408 - 417
Fecha de publicación: 2019
OnabotulinumtoxinA has been demonstrated to be effective as a preventive treatment in patients with chronic migraine (CM). Five years after the approval of onabotulinumtoxinA in Spain, the Headache Study Group of the Spanish Society of Neurology considered it worthwhile to gather a group of experts in treating patients with CM in order to draw up, based on current evidence and our own experience, a series of guidelines aimed at facilitating the use of the drug in daily clinical practice. For this purpose, we posed 12 questions that we ask ourselves as doctors, and which we are also asked by our patients. Each author responded to one question, and the document was then reviewed by everyone. We hope that this review will constitute a practical tool to help neurologists treating patients with CM.