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Virtues in responsible management education: building character

Libro: The SAGE handbook of responsible management learning and education
Lugar de Edición: Thousand Oaks
Editorial: SAGE Publications Ltd
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Página Inicial - Final: 280 - 297
ISBN: 9781526460707
Resumen: This chapter starts by laying out the nature of the virtues and clarifying their importance in business. This first segment, apart from showcasing the evolution of Virtue Ethics in business and management, explains how the virtues refer to the `nature¿ and `final end¿ of human beings, applying to a full range of dispositions to action. A careful reading of Aristotle shows that the virtues, as `character excellences¿, also refer to inclinations and tendencies, actions and habits, and, indeed, even lives taken as a whole (Sison, 2003). Through a focus on moral character building, we aim to stimulate a lively discussion integrating ethics, sustainability, and responsibility.