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A scoping research literature review to identify contemporary evidence on the incidence, causes, and impacts of end-of-life intra-family conflict

Autores: Wilson, D. M. (Autor de correspondencia); Anafi, F.; Roh, S. J.; Errasti Ibarrondo, María Begoña
Título de la revista: HEALTH COMMUNICATION
ISSN: 1041-0236
Volumen: 36
Número: 13
Páginas: 1616 - 1622
Fecha de publicación: 2021
When someone is terminally ill, it is often a very stressful time for the dying person and their family. It would not be unusual for intra-family conflict, involving one or more family members and even the dying person, to occur. However, this type of conflict has not been identified as an end-of-life issue needing to be noticed and addressed or prevented when possible. This lack of attention could be because it is not known how common or how impactful this type of conflict is. A scoping research literature review was conducted for available 2004-2019 evidence on the incidence or prevalence of intra-family conflict, factors contributing to it or causing it, and the outcomes or impact of it. A search for published peer-review articles identified 18 research reports for a scoping review. The 18 studies, all conducted in developed countries, revealed intra-family conflict is often present; and with a range of harmful effects for the dying person, the family as a whole or individual family members, and other persons and organizations. The identified factors contributing to or predisposing intra-family conflict were grouped into three categories: (a) family disagreements over curative treatment and/or end-of-life care and decisions, (b) previous family conflict and other family dynamic matters, and (c) the dying process itself. The evidence identified through this scoping review, although relatively minimal, should be useful for planning future research and for [...]