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Smart zero carbon city readiness level: indicator system for city diagnosis in the basque country moving towards decarbonization

Autores: Urrutia, K.; Fontán Agorreta, Luis; Díez, J.; Rodriguez, F.; Vicente, J.
Título de la revista: DYNA (ESPAÑA)
ISSN: 1989-1490
Volumen: 94
Número: 3
Páginas: 332 - 338
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Nowadays urban environments concentrate more than half the world's population, reaching up to 70% on 2050 according to forecasts. This concentration implies that most of future challenges will take place in cities as well as the opportunities coming from their potential solutions. Current technological innovation can provide support in facing one of main challenges society is facing: reducing carbon footprint from our cities. This ambitious transition, steered by the Smart Zero Carbon City (SZCC) concept, needs a flexible characterisation method, which can be adapted to different kinds of cities to evaluate the main features of each city, hence proposing and prioritising most suitable interventions. The aim of this study is focused on the characterisation of cities according to the SZCC concept through a set of indicators: the Smart Zero Carbon City Readiness Level (SZCC Readiness Level), able to analyse key aspects of cities according to SZCC concept (Characteristics of the city; City plans and strategies; Energy; Mobility; Infrastructures and ICT services; Citizen Engagement). This characterisation enlightens the development of SZCC concept in the city, identifying its strengths and weaknesses in order to ease the alternatives' selection towards decarbonisation, being handy at a time for those small and medium-sized municipalities, so common in the European context, which usually hold less resources than big capitals to implement decision-making support diagnoses.