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Francisco de Vitoria's ius gentium: how to engage human rights in business from the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) tradition
Libro: Ethical business leadership in troubling times
Editorial: Edward Elgar Publishing
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Página Inicial - Final: 222 - 235
ISBN: 9781789903041
Resumen: Ius gentium displays four particular strengths useful in dealing with today's business ethics problems. First, it draws on a personalist understanding of human nature as individual and relational or social, rational and free on equal counts. Second, ius gentium acknowledges that all human beings are born equal, that is, possessing equal rights and freedoms. Third, ius gentium, insofar as it derives from the free exercise of reason by human beings reflecting upon their own nature, requires participation, consensus, or agreement. Fourth, ius gentium is almost unique in tradition for advocating a positive view of business as a force for the common good.