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From Sea to stone. Cradle of avant-garde

Libro: To and Fro: Modernism and vernacular architecture
Lugar de Edición: Oporto
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Página Inicial - Final: 15 - 29
ISBN: 978-972-8784-47-8
Resumen: The idea of modernity and its formalisation is deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture, not only in terms of formal and material configuration but also as concerning the human approach of architecture to site and culture. Throughout history, popular Mediterranean architecture has mainly been developed only by their users or by artisans; it is a perfect example of understanding buildings as an extension of human life, habits, and sensibility to landscape and climate. This point of view of the popular has commonly been seen by early modern and avant-garde architects as a landmark, or as a prelude to a new and international architecture ¿ a perfect example of integration of popular culture into the most orthodox and theoretical discourses and theories. Josep Lluis Sert ¿ one of the most important Spanish architects in early years of modernism ¿ and the Austrian Bernard Rudofsky ¿ who visited many times the Spanish Mediterranean area looking for vernacular references ¿ worked with these principles to settle the theoretical arguments understand modernity through history.