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«Identidad práctica» y moralidad según Korsgaard

Título de la revista: CONVIVIUM
ISSN: 0010-8235
Número: 31
Páginas: 176 - 200
Fecha de publicación: 2018
In Sources of Normativity (1996), Christine Korsgaard introduced the notion of "practical identity" as part of her peculiar reconstruction of the Kantian foundation of morality; she defined "practical identity" as "the description under which you value yourself and find your life to be worth living and your actions to be worth undertaking" (SN 102). Later, in Self-Constitution (2009) she made this notion a cornerstone of an argument designed to show the relevance of morality to the constitution of human subjectivity. The aim of this article is to explain the way in which "practical identity" serves to the twofold purpose of making the Kantian argument about moral obligation plausible; as well as showing its articulation with different aspects of personal identity.