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Non-locality of the phenomenon of consciousness according to Roger Penrose

Libro: Dialogo: International Journal of the proceedings of the conferences on the dialogue between science and theology
Editorial: RCDST
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Página Inicial - Final: 127 - 134
ISBN: 978-80-554-1338-9
Resumen: Roger Penrose is known for his proposals, in collaboration with Stuart Hameroff, for quantum action in the brain. These proposals, which are still recent, have a prior, less known basis, which will be studied in the following work. First, the paper situates the framework from which a mathematical physicist like Penrose proposes to speak about consciousness. Then it shows how he understands the possible relationships between computation and consciousness and what criticism from other authors he endorses, to conclude by explaining how he understands this relationship between consciousness and computation. Then, it focuses on the concept of non-locality so essential to his understanding of consciousness. With some examples, such as impossible objects or aperiodic tiling, the study addresses the concept of non-locality as Penrose understands it, and then shows how far he intends to arrive with that concept of non-locality. At all times the approach will be more philosophical than physical.