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Fr. William Porras, un capellán católico en la Universidad de Harvard (1954-1960)

Título de la revista: STUDIA ET DOCUMENTA
ISSN: 1970-4879
Volumen: 12
Páginas: 317 - 380
Fecha de publicación: 2018
On October 19th, 1954, the Archbishop of Boston, Richard Cushing, appointed Guillermo Porras the first Opus Dei priest to settle in Boston, as chaplain of the Harvard Catholic Club. This article investigates the reasons that led the Archbishop to make that decision. The article also looks at Fr. Porras' role in various events, such as the beginning of the regular celebration of Mass at Harvard, the first personal meeting of the Boston Archbishop and the President of Harvard, and the establishment of the Charles Chauncey Stillman Chair of Catholic Studies. Finally, the author addresses the chaplain's vision of how Catholics should live and make their Catholicism present in an institution such as Harvard in the lead up to the Second Vatican Council.