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Proyecto INTER-ES: An experience applied to language teaching

ISSN: 1799-2702
Volumen: 1
Número: 3
Páginas: 23 - 28
Fecha de publicación: 2011
This paper explains what INTER-ES project is, how it was designed, how it was implemented and what the results were. INTER-ES project is a learning experience based on the use of Moodle as a work platform and Spanish business language course, with the following aims: improving communication skills, promoting intercultural communication, implementing business knowledge and abilities, improving those specific skills for the information society, and developing negotiation strategies and teamwork. The novelty of the project lies in the approach taken. For one thing, INTER-ES project is not based on a ¿teaching method.¿ It is a method of collaborative learning opportunities. Students put into practice the language skills and business knowledge acquired in the course of their respective degrees. Also, INTER-ES project is a business language course that combines the use of technology and distance learning with face-to-face activities, or ¿blended learning.¿ The assigned tasks and role-plays foster dialogue and negotiation skills. Oral abilities are practised first off platform among the team members of the same country, and then on the platform, where we find a communication structure that promotes intercultural dialogue while training written skills. The final result is a complex structure of interrelated tasks implemented in a way that integrates the contents of business/administration studies, the cultural standards of each country, ICT skills and foreign languages.