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La educación emocional del docente y su labor: una experiencia de Aprendizaje-Servicio en la universidad y su evaluación

Título de la revista: CONTEXTOS EDUCATIVOS
ISSN: 1575-023X
Número: 20
Páginas: 147 - 164
Fecha de publicación: 2017
University has the responsibility to train professionals, which means providing people with the necessary competences to face the world with an engagement to social justice. This paper presents a service-learning experience (SL) -and its evaluation-as a way of collaboration, service and improvement of community. Firstly, this work analyses SL and its theoretical context as a methodology in relation to community development and emotional intelligence. Secondly, a SL experience, conducted in grades of education at the University of Navarra, is described. The objective has been to accompany the students in the analysis of the socio-educational action and capacitate them to intervene pedagogically in specific areas. Finally, the evaluation made through satisfaction questionnaires is presented; also a scale analysis of professional skills worked, made to that effect. The results show that methodologies such as SL allow achieving a high degree of satisfaction, engagement and motivation of students for the task required.