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The education of the penetrating gaze in Jorge Oteiza: nature, art and spirituality

Título de la revista: ARCHIVO ESPAÑOL DE ARTE
ISSN: 0004-0428
Volumen: 90
Número: 360
Páginas: 411 - 428
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Reality shown by nature gives us multiple messages. These messages communicate continuously with each individual thereby establishing a strong person-nature link. This link can be represented and studied via an artistic or creative act. This study shows some of the multiple connections established between nature and people, including the aesthetic and metaphysical dimensions of reality. As a syncretic example of a process nature-reality, aesthetic-art and spirituality-transcendence, the case of the sculptor Jorge Oteiza is outstanding in terms both of his life and work. The author studies the conceptualization of his work, in a synthetic way. through its connection to significant life experiences (SLE) with nature, expressed by his aesthetic thought and represented in his art.