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Modelo de Gestión para la Investigación en enfermería: experiencia de la Universidad de Navarra

Libro: Libro de Actas IX Jornadas de Profesorado de Centros Universitarios de Enfermería ¿La Investigación en Enfermería¿. Conferencia nacional de decanos y decanas de enfermería
Lugar de Edición: Toledo
Editorial: Conferencia nacional de decanos y decanas de enfermería
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Página Inicial - Final: 42 - 50
ISBN: 978-84-608-1289-0
Resumen: Introduction. The new university demands require redefining the management model of nursing research in order to consolidate its quality and socio-health impact. Aim. To present the strategies used in the implementation of a management model for the development of nursing research at the University of Navarra (UN). Methodology. The four phases of Marchette (the simulation, the individualistic, the unified and the balanced phases) are the framework to present the management model implemented by the UN to foster research in Nursing. Results. The following strategies are described: organizing conferences and meetings on research; research investment in teacher training; approval of the research areas as organizational structures for the development of nursing knowledge; creation of the Chair Maria Egea for research; implementation of the Research Strategic Plan 2013-2018; approval of the Doctoral Program in Nursing Science. Conclusions. There is a need to adopt and adapt new management structures that encourage disciplinary knowledge, the development of competitive research teams, interdisciplinary research, teamwork, and training of new researchers. Also, these structures must respond to new health and social demands, and promote clinical nursing practice of excellence.