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Dialogue for strategic decision-making processes: an idea model

Libro: The management game of communication
Lugar de Edición: Brighton
Editorial: Emerald Group Publishing
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Página Inicial - Final: 245 - 263
ISBN: 978-1-78635-716-8
Resumen: Dialogue has been an elusive concept for academics when it comes to its definition within organisational contexts. In spite of the vast amount of academic research, it is not easy to find concrete proposals ¿ both from theoretical and empirical standpoints ¿ that analyse how companies manage dialogue processes with their stakeholders. The aim of this chapter is to fill this gap by highlighting the role of dialogue in strategic decision-making processes. In order to achieve this purpose, this work is structured into two parts. Firstly, multidisciplinary literature regarding how Public Relations and Management studies research on dialogue is reviewed. Secondly, the chapter presents a managerial proposal of dialogue for decision-making processes called the IDEA model. This chapter aims to scale back the theoretical fragmentation of the concept of dialogue while looking into its practicality based on an original proposal for scholars and practitioners.