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Explaining superfoods: Exploring metaphor scenarios in media science reports

Título de la revista: IBERICA
ISSN: 1139-7241
Volumen: 34
Páginas: 67 - 88
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Metaphorical language plays an important role in spreading and popularising scientific information. However, little is known about the process through which sober scientific research is transformed into colourful or even sensational news. This paper examines the main metaphor scenarios used to explain nutritional discoveries, generally related to the overarching metaphors of 'combat' and 'maintenance', and explores how they are developed and distributed across institutional press releases, online news reports, and magazines/blogs. Most of the metaphor scenarios seem to arise first in the press release, but these are considerably extended and embellished by the other media. Only occasionally are new metaphor scenarios engaged, which reflect societal discourses concerning science and nutrition.