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Considerations for the definition of a interval of vulnerability/possibility in adolescence

Título de la revista: CUADERNOS DE BIOETICA
ISSN: 1132-1989
Volumen: 28
Número: 92
Páginas: 13 - 27
Fecha de publicación: 2017
This article explores the hypothesis that while maturation related cognitive abilities reaches maturity around the age of fifteen, maturation related social skills is delayed until well into the twenties. Our goal is to try to define what is the window of opportunity / vulnerability and what is the maturational status of the young in this interval. In this context, we argue how the maturational time of the closing of adolescence has an impact on the valuation of autonomy in decision-making of the person. Particularly, we figure out implications for the assessment of the autonomy of youth in health issues, and also criminal liability. In the conclusion, we offer some educational criteria that may provide guidance for implementing both social policy and educational programs.