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Guidelines for long ultrafine grained steel production and application to the automotive sector.

Autores: Salvatori, I.; Guarnaschelli, C.; Coppola, T.; Goldhan, G.; Idoyaga, Z.; Elvira, R.; Betti, S.; Aldazábal Mensa, Javier; Ocaña Arizcorreta, Ibon; Martínez Esnaola, José Manuel; Plano, S.
Editorial: European Commission, Publications Office 
Fecha de publicación: 2013
ISBN: 978-92-79-33089-6
Número de páginas: 175
Resumen: In order to meet the increasing needs from economic and social developments in future, the research on new generation steels with higher strength and longer duration, has become a worldwide issue. It is well known that various mechanisms to strengthen the steels exist, but grain refinement is the only method to improve both strength and toughness simultaneously. A ferrite grain size in the range of 1÷4 um and a steel microstructure characterised by a mixture of ferrite-pearlite and/or martensite, bainite microstructure, could give a very good combination of mechanical (strength, ductility, toughness, fatigue) and technological properties (machinability, cold/warm metal forming, etc.) for final application to automotive components.