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Two new species of Collembola (Hexapoda) from Saliente Cave (Almería, Spain)

Título de la revista: ZOOSYSTEMA
ISSN: 1280-9551
Volumen: 39
Número: 1
Páginas: 103 - 115
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Two new species of cavernicolous Collembola belonging to genera Pygmarrhopalites Vargovitsh, 2009 and Pseudosinella Schäffer, 1897 from ¿Cueva del Saliente¿ (Almería, Spain) are described: Pygmarrhopalites crepidinis Jordana & Baquero, n. sp. is characterized by trichobothria A, B and C forming a straight line towards posterior end; Ant. IV with five subsegments; all claws with inner tooth, all empodia with corner tooth, and empodial filaments surpassing tip of corresponding claw; anterior lobe of tenaculum with two apical chaetae; dens with 3, 2, 1,¿, 1 anterior chaetae, and one external posterior spine. Pseudosinella najtae Jordana & Baquero, n. sp. is characterized by the absence of eyes; chaetotaxy R0R1R2011/10/0100+2, Abd. IV accessory chaeta s absent, all claws with four teeth, paired teeth at different level (41 and 52% of claw length from basis), all empodia with serrate external edge, labrum with all chaetae ciliated; labium posterior without M1, with M2rEL1L2, r smooth microchaetae; remaining of labial chaetae (both posterior and anterior) ciliated. In addition one other species was found in the same cave: Troglopedetes absoloni (Bonet, 1931). The explorations of this cave have been carried out by the second author. The ¿Cueva del Saliente¿ is part of a study on cave fauna in Andalusia. In this cave a total of 4453 specimens (38 taxa) have been captured during an annual sampling period (October 2012 to August 2013).