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Crude oil price behaviour before and after military conflicts and geopolitical events

Título de la revista: ENERGY
ISSN: 0360-5442
Volumen: 120
Páginas: 79 - 91
Fecha de publicación: 2017
Crude oil price behaviour depends on all the events that have the potential to disrupt the flow of oil. We understand that these causes could be geopolitical issues and/or military conflicts in/with the producer countries and a problem relating to demand and supply. In the paper we first investigate the statistical properties of the real oil prices as well as its log-transformation, along with the absolute and squared returns values. Then, we also address the following issue: Does the crude oil price behave in the same way before and after a military conflict or geopolitical problem in the producer countries? To answer this question we analyse the real oil prices of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) before and after the different military conflicts and political events that occurred after World War II. For this purpose we use techniques based on unit roots and fractional integration. The empirical results provide evidence of persistence and breaks in the oil prices series and stationary long memory in the absolute returns. However, we do not observe significant differences before and after the conflict and geopolitical events. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.