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Synthesis and evaluation of (13)N-labelled azo compounds for ß-amyloid imaging in mice

Autores: Gaja, V.; Gomez-Vallejo, V.; Puigivila, M.; Pérez-Campaña, C.; Martin, A.; García Osta, Ana María; Calvo-Fernandez, T.; Cuadrado Tejedor, María del Mar; Franco Fernández, Rafael; Llop, J.
ISSN: 1536-1632
Volumen: 16
Número: 4
Páginas: 538 - 549
Fecha de publicación: 2014
PURPOSE: The aim of the present study was to develop short half-lived tools for in vitro and in vivo ß-amyloid imaging in mice, for which no suitable PET tracers are available. PROCEDURES: Five (13)N-labelled azo compounds (1-5) were synthesized using a three-step process using cyclotron-produced [(13)N]NO3 (-). Biodistribution studies were performed using positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) on 20-month-old healthy, wild-type (WT) mice. In vivo and in vitro binding assays were performed using PET-CT and autoradiography, respectively, on 20-month-old healthy (WT) mice and transgenic (Tg2576) Alzheimer's disease model mice. RESULTS: (13)N-labelled azo compounds were prepared with decay corrected radiochemical yields in the range 27¿±¿4 % to 39¿±¿4 %. Biodistribution studies showed good blood-brain barrier penetration for compounds 1 and 3-5; good clearance data were also obtained for compounds 1-3 and 5. Compounds 2, 3 and 5 (but not 1) showed a significant uptake in ß-amyloid-rich structures when assayed in in vitro autoradiographic studies. PET studies showed significant uptake of compounds 2 and 3 in the cortex of transgenic animals that exhibit ß-amyloid deposits.