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Small signal modeling and transient analysis of a Trans quasi-Z-source inverter

ISSN: 0378-7796
Volumen: 144
Páginas: 52 - 62
Fecha de publicación: 2017
This paper proposes, analyses and validates, both computationally and experimentally, an AC small signal model for a Trans quasi-Z-source inverter working in continuous conduction mode (CCM). For the implementation of the small-signal model, the dynamics of the particular Trans-gZSI network components have been considered. The presented AC small signal model is used for a detailed analysis of the performance of the Trans-gZSI topology, involving various aspects; a parametric study of the influence of the passive components on the dynamic response of the Z network, as well as the influence of their associated losses. Duty cycle and load variations are studied too, for Z topology operating point performance analysis. The AC small-signal model is then used to design a compensator for a closed -loop control scheme. Computer simulation results are presented to validate the model and the control method, comparing PSIM TransqZSI detailed simulations to the MATLAB derived results. Finally, experimental validation is achieved for the AC model in a low-medium power Trans-gZSI design, both in time and frequency domain. According to experimental results analysis, a snubber circuit is designed too, for the converter.