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Engineer to order production systems improvement: An empirical study

Autores: Errasti Opacua, Ander; Martinez-Miguelez, S.; Santos García, Javier; Poler-Escoto, R.
Título de la revista: DYNA
ISSN: 0012-7361
Volumen: 86
Número: 5
Páginas: 539 - 548
Fecha de publicación: 2011
Introduction To investigate the adoption and transfer of some good practices in the Construction Sector is the aim of the following research. The GRAI Methodology and the DGRAI technique are associated to improve the operational performance of the supply chain. They are already known and have been studied by researchers; however the development of these techniques in the field of Construction has not been so deep. Method The proposed research method is based on Action Research. This is a variant of Case Studies in which the researchers are involved in the changing process. This method has been chosen because it is a theory extension or refinement. In the last three years the researchers have been involved in using an experimental model that uses GRAI and DGRAI for the diagnosis, strategy formulation and deploy of these practices to improve the performance of one top firms related to Construction sector. Results Two years after the starting up of the reengineering process has improved the Quality of Service and reduced fixed costs due to the reduction of stocks needed. Conclusion It has shown that the benefits of subcontractors and suppliers integration, the improvement of planning and control system of the extended enterprise aided by GRAI and DGRAI as well as Action Research utility for this type of Research are completely demonstrated.