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Constrained layer damper modelling and performance evaluation for eliminating squeal noise in trams

Título de la revista: SHOCK AND VIBRATION
ISSN: 1070-9622
Páginas: 473720
Fecha de publicación: 2014
This paper presents the modelling and design of a constrained layer damper to eliminate squeal noise in a particular tram. Even though resilient wheels are installed in every bogie, squeal noise is generated at the frequency of 780-800 Hz due to the small radius curves that the tram has to draw. Tuned constrained layer dampers provide a solution to this particular problem. Butyl rubber is chosen as the viscoelastic material for the damper, and conventional steel is used for the metallic sheets. The modelling approach and the final design of the damper are presented, together with evaluation of its performance in a real application. Experimental measurements on track have demonstrated that the constrained layer damper is properly tuned to the squealing frequency and that there is a significant reduction in noise when the proposed damper is attached to the wheels.