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Character Education, International Perspectives

Título de la revista: PEDAGOGIA E VITA
ISSN: 0031-3777
Volumen: 73
Páginas: 155-184
Fecha de publicación: 2015
We are witnessing growing interest in the personal and moral training of children and teenagers which has led to ever more common commentaries on educational tendencies which deal with the practice of education in the moral dimension of the younger members of society. Outstanding amongst these approaches is what has been called Character Education (Ce). The first step in this article is to briefly describe the recent history of the decline and revival of Ce in the 20th century. In the second section, this movement will be compared with other contemporary ones such as Social Emotional Learning or Positive Youth Development and the impact that Positive Psychology has had on its spread. The third part offers the opinion of some international experts who have been interviewed. To finish, we give a short list of some main researcher and development centers. The study presented in this article is set in an Anglo-Saxon context, particularly in the United States, key country for the present-day Character Education movement.