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Importance of orientation in building energy-savings

Libro: Proceedings of World Sustainable Building: WSB 14
Lugar de Edición: Barcelona
Editorial: Green Building Council España
Fecha de publicación: 2014
Página Inicial - Final: 327 - 334
ISBN: 978-84697-1815-5
Resumen: In the design of new buildings, project energy efficiency is nowadays one of the most important parameters on its development. The energy crisis on which we live and the greater social awareness have allowed efficiency be a major factor when we are thinking in a new building solution. This search for efficiency must be supported by studies to quantify these improvements. With this information we can assess which one of the different solutions is the best. The building sustainability is closely related to building efficiency. The present analysis shows through a semi-attached house, the importance of building orientation in heating and cooling demands. With this knowledge we can choose the orientation with low energy consumption.