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Improvement of an integrated Peltier HVAC system integrated using beehive and stigmergy strategies

Autores: Bermejo Busto, Javier; Martín Gómez, César; Zuazua Ros, Amaia; Ibáñez Puy, María; Miranda Ferreiro, Rafael; Baquero Martín, Enrique
Título de la revista: DYNA (ESPAÑA)
ISSN: 0012-7361
Volumen: 91
Número: 5
Páginas: 507 - 511
Fecha de publicación: 2016
The article proposes new ways of work to redesign previous Peltier cells prototypes using biomimetic methodologies. Biomimicry can be a source of fresh ideas to solve contemporary problems. Also in terms of energy saving and efficiency, animals can be of aid. Ectotherms, animals that depend on external factors to be in a range of `living temperature¿, have developed strategies to survive and adjust their metabolism regarding the environment and weather conditions. Social insects are ectotherm animals. One specimen of these species cannot be autonomous and would die if he is out of his nest for a long or even short time. Previous studies made about bees behaviour in beehives show up an automated and accurate work to maintain nest temperature. Strategies such as the heat shield or stigmergy have been translated to obtain better control of the air cavity and a decentralized computational control of the equipment.