Social impact of our research

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The results of the research conducted at the University benefit the students directly. The aim of our research is to attract and train brilliant professionals: leaders whose advances leave a mark on society and who contribute to the development of a knowledge-based economy. All of this is carried out in a genuine environment where the quality of life is determined, among other things, by the reality of an environmentally sustainable campus.

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Research generates knowledge, which impacts students.

The University of Navarra's educational project focuses on the integral development of the students, i.e., the transfer of knowledge as well as attitudes and values. The University seeks to train people with integrity, virtues, a spirit of service and passion for a job well done; people who contribute to the improvement of society. Students at the University of Navarra come from a wide range of social backgrounds (32.6% are from low-income families) and a broad geographic spectrum (up to 14% are international students).

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We strive to shape leaders who leave a strong, positive imprint on society.

The University of Navarra is committed to the development of leaders who aspire to have a deep, positive and lasting impact on people, companies and society due to their professionalism, integrity and spirit of service. To achieve this, it has set up the Entrepreneurs Club, a continuing-education platform promoted by the University and the University of Navarra Business Foundation (FEUN) that provides students with useful tools for their future careers. During the 2009-2010 academic year, 2,500 students got involved in the Entrepreneurs Club's training activities. IESE Business School also promotes a network of investors who invest in business start-ups with potential for growth. Since its creation in the 2003-2004 academic year, it has attracted funding for 40 projects, which received between €100,000 and €4 million each.

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Our aim is to create an environmentally sustainable campus with a high quality of life.

The campus seeks to implement a model of urban mobility that fosters interaction between people and places, and respects large landscaped areas for the use and enjoyment of all citizens. Through measures such as reducing car use and encouraging greater use of public transport, bicycles and pedestrian pathways, the University helps reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

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We attract and train the best professionals so that they form part of the production network

The University of Navarra offers a learning model based on teaching and research with the capacity to attract, retain and motivate talent, i.e., the best students, professors and researchers from around the world. The model is based on the generation, attraction and retention of global talent for the University's own research centers in order to promote ongoing dialogue between industry experts, teachers and students. The University seeks to offer a range of study options of international caliber to compete with the best educational institutions in Europe in an environment where globalization processes have changed the rules.