Help us do research

Thanks to your help, we've achieved many goals...

  • A Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) that is leading the way in national patent generation.

  • A hospital (the Clínica Universidad de Navarra) considered to be the best in Spain for research and innovation (Best in Class Awards 2010).

  • Three macro-centers for research on nutrition, bioengineering and tropical diseases.

  • The first center for research in the humanities and social sciences (the Institute of Culture and Society) promoted by a university in Spain.

but we still need your help...

  • to carry out high-quality international R&D to serve people and help address the challenges of the 21st century.

  • to train the leaders of tomorrow.

  • to create knowledge- and innovation-based companies that provide skilled employment.

  • to nurture talent among our young people.

  • to create a fairer, more advanced and more cohesive society through knowledge and ideas.

  • to train teachers who can transmit their knowledge to new generations.




2,6 _
million invested in the aid program for young researchers
more than 20 _
technology-based companies created from research projects carried out at the University of Navarra
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Horizon 2015 Project

The Horizon 2015 Project is based on the principle of the Research University, where research has an impact in the form of more innovative and international teaching and results in significant improvements in students' education.

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