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ISEM Fashion Business School
Campus de Madrid y Barcelona

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ISEM Fashion Business School, the center of the University of Navarra, was founded in 2001 as the first business school in Spain to specialize in fashion companies.

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Mission statement

The mission of the ISEM Fashion Business School is to provide, in a learning environment, the knowledge and tools required for the development of people who are able to manage creativity with a sense of social responsibility, ethical motivation and critical intelligence.

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Find out about the ISEM

Over the last few years, the ISEM Fashion Business School has achieved a unique balance between specialized knowledge and practical experience by enhancing the breadth and richness of the professional development of people in important positions who are driving the future of the fashion industry.

Executive MBA in Fashion Business Administration
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IESE Business School academic staff

The ISEM Fashion Business School offers the only official Executive MBA in Fashion Business Administration. The program is a cutting-edge response to the needs of the market, which is constantly changing and features in the financial press on a daily basis.

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Multidisciplinary approach

Research is one of the fundamental pillars of the ISEM Fashion Business School as a channel for developing projects that meet the needs of the industry and as a basis for teaching.