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Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura
Campus de Pamplona

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The School's young vibe is in keeping with the enterprising spirit of its commitment to innovation and the contemporary range of academic programs inspires new teaching and research initiatives.

Master's degree programs
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Prestige in the field of Spanish architectural design

A qualitative leap forward in academic training on a level with working in the studio of one of the great masters of contemporary architecture. More information

More information

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Specialization in specific fields

The other two master's degree programs offer the opportunity to undertake modules overseas, and may also grant access to a doctoral degree.

Undergraduate degrees
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Innovative teaching methods; more student autonomy

Pathways that provide more specialized training, an extensive range of postgraduate programs and closer alignment with professional practice.

Doctoral degree
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Career guidance

Provides researchers with training that enables them to analyze in depth the reasons and causes behind the processes and facts they study.

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