Personal mentoring

Mentoring is one of the University of Navarra's key commitments. Along with research, teaching and service work, dedication to personal mentoring forms a vital part of the work of every teacher at the University.

In the first year, the Office of Student Affairs in each School will assign a faculty advisor to each student. (If necessary, you can request to change your advisor through the Administrative Office at the School).

From that moment on, interviews can be arranged, generally via email, by the advisor or the student.

Mentoring objectives:

  • To inform and guide students at the start of their university studies.

  • To help develop personal habits and professional skills.

  • To provide guidance on academic pathways.

  • To help in the area of career guidance.

Mentoring has its own characteristics that set it apart from other teacher-student relationships.

  • It is personal: it provides individual advice and guidance. It is offered to all students, even those who are only attending the University for a short time, including exchange and postgraduate students.

  • It is voluntary, and therefore it is not subject to assessment and does not form part of the academic curriculum. This differentiates it from other teaching activities such as tutorials, which may be assessed and are compulsory, and form part of a subject.

  • It is university-oriented: it does not replace initiative or responsibility, but helps develop them. Furthermore, mentoring helps you expand your horizons beyond the merely academic: culture, sports, solidarity, etc.

Academic calendar

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