MAPFRE Accident Insurance

Students enrolled at the University of Navarra are covered by an accident insurance policy taken out with the company Mapfre. The amount of the premium is included in the price of enrollment. This insurance allows for care to be provided at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra in case of an accident and requires presentation of a student ID to receive care.

With regard to the definition of accident, this policy covers all bodily injury suffered by the insured party, subject to the exclusions expressly specified in the policy, as a result of violent events (e.g., falls, bumps, impacts, collisions) that occur suddenly (are unforeseen), externally (involving an outside agent or circumstance) and without any intentionality on the part of the insured party (involuntarily). Some contingencies are expressly excluded from coverage (e.g., practicing high-risk sports such as skiing, pulled or torn muscles, and back pain and hernias of any kind).

Insurance Coverage

Policy information:
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