Healthcare and insurance

New insurance against the Covid 19

University students can take out insurance against Covid 19. Health care will take place at the University of Navarra Clinic.

In case of common illness:

The student may be treated at health centers or public hospitals (must present the Individual Health Card or the European Health Card). If the student has private medical insurance (either because he does not have a Health Card or because he has voluntarily contracted it) he may go to the arranged centers determined by his policy.

In case of an accident:

Seguro Escolar Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social

Seguro de Accidentes Mapfre


Amplía la imagen y conoce nuestra asistencia sanitaria y seguros

Asistencia sanitaria y seguros

Our Clinic

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra provides personalized quality care to each patient. Our efforts are directed towards patients and our organization is designed with them in mind.

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