Healthcare and insurance

Any student who suffers an accident may visit the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, under the coverage of the insurance policy taken out with Mapfre insurance company and included as part of the registration process. Students at the San Sebastián Campus may visit Policlínica Guipúzcoa.

In the event of illness, students may present their personal health insurance card at the healthcare center or, in the event of an emergency, at the corresponding public hospital. EU students must present the European health insurance card they obtained in their country of origin. Students from outside the European Union must have taken out an insurance policy (the University of Navarra recommends the policies of MAPFRE and ACUNSA) to cover medical care in the event of illness.

University of Navarra students can benefit from the following forms of healthcare:

*Important: Mapfre Insurance and INSS Student Insurance do not cover other contingencies such as common illnesses, which must be attended to in public healthcare centers or hospitals with presentation of your individual health card.

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Our Clinic

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra provides personalized quality care to each patient. Our efforts are directed towards patients and our organization is designed with them in mind.

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