Science and Business Program


Plan de estudios

Students obtain the Degree + Specialization (240 + 60=300 ECTS credits) in four and a half years. The last half year is spent at the University of Navarra’s graduate studies centre in Madrid (September‐December of the fifth year).

Credits added to the degree programme: 60 ECTS credits distributed as follows:

  • 30 ECTS credits. Graduate studies centre in Madrid (September-December of 5th year)

    There are no compartmentalized subjects. While students are in Madrid, they prepare a business simulation project to apply the knowledge acquired on the subject during the entire degree programme.

    Classes and the stay in Madrid are taught and tutored by business professionals.

    Students work on microprojects and use the case method.

    3 modules:

    1. Technological Module: 12 ECTS credits.

      1. Programming/Big Data.

      2. Quality and Scaling up Industrial Production.

    1. Expanding Business Competence 6 ECTS credits.

    · Legal Framework (Intellectual Property, Patents).

    · Innovation (and Technology Transfer).

    · Management Skills and Competences (Project Management).

    · Internationalization (Global Business Management).

    1. Integrated Project: 12 ECTS credits.

    Groups present a business idea to an investment judging panel. Students must put their knowledge into practice to obtain financing for their business idea. Each group project is coordinated by a professor.

  • 6 ECTS credits. On site learning experiences are distributed throughout the degree programme.

    • 1st year: London.

    • 2nd year: Training week at IESE Business School. Barcelona.

    • 3rd year: Obligatory company internships.

    • 4th year: Boston.

    At the end of the first, second and fourth academic years, students take professional treks lasting about one week to visit leading universities, research centres and biotech companies. The School of Sciences has also arranged for a professor from the locations visited to take part in the training sessions during the trip.

    The travel and stay expenses for scheduled trips in the diploma programme are included in the cost of the credit.

    Students obtain 6 ECTS credits for doing obligatory company internships in the summer between the third and fourth academic years.


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