This new program focuses on the study and application of creative processes in pre-production analysis, operational methodology and the final definition of artistic production, its objects and relationships, within the following areas:

- Architectural creation

- Artistic creation

- Audiovisual creation

- Design (industrial, graphic, fashion, etc.)

These studies will be carried out using an interdisciplinary approach and directed by academics with the participation of artists and creatives to enable students to carry out an in-depth analysis of creative activity that helps define new paradigms and strategies aimed at the transformation and development of the creative industries. Within the four fields mentioned, research projects leading to internationally relevant doctoral dissertations and academic publications will be conducted.

Universidad de Navarra holds Internal Quality Control Standards (SGIC in Spanish) established in 2006 for Undergraduate and Master's Degree programs.

During academic year 2014/2015, which run parallel to the first three-year period of teaching of the Doctoral programs regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 January, regulating official doctoral programs, a decision was reached to implement the SGIC in Doctoral programs during academic year 2015/2016. For such purposes, the existing quality processes were adapted to the reality of the doctorate program, approving a satisfaction survey model and a specific result analysis template.

The Quality Assurance Committee of School of Architecture is the body responsible for developing the quality processes in the centre and for collecting information on the development of the program (academic indicators, findings, surveys, suggestion boxes and complaint boxes, etc.). In cooperation with the program’s Academic Committee, every year the Quality Assurance Committee approves a Findings Report where the indicators, the findings and the satisfaction surveys of the program are included and analysed in order to detect the weaknesses and strengths of the program and to suggest improvements.

Body in charge of the program’s academic direction and management. Its members are the Program’s Coordinator, the Associate Dean/Deputy Director in charge of the third cycle (doctorate) of the centre and the relevant Deputy Director of the Doctoral School.

  • Program Coordinator: D. Carlos Chocarro (

  • Deputy Director of the Doctorate in the School of Architecture: Dª. Beatriz Gil Rodríguez (

  • Deputy Director of the Doctoral School: D. Pedro Crespo (