Objectives and competences

Objetivos y competencias - Doctorado en Ciencias Naturales y Aplicadas

The Ph.D. program in Natural and Applied Sciences aims not only to train doctors through high quality specialized research with relevant contributions to the community, but also to promote interdisciplinarity from the beginning, in a generalistic environment Specifically, the creation of synergies between the outstanding specialized research of the student and their environment is promoted, by increasing the interdisciplinary collaboration within the program and, also, with experts coming from world-wide leading institutions. Graduates of the PhD-NAS will cover the need for professionals capable of scientifically analyzing complex data in multidisciplinary situations, fulfilling one of the University's research strategic objectives.

PhD-NAS aspires to an integral development of its students and to provide them with an excellent breadth of vision. This PhD program is inside a comprehensive environment of experimental sciences (natural), holistic inspiration and, at the same time, with applied purpose.

The three research teams share formal language, methods, and rigor. Consequently, the doctoral program has added a methodological appeal, given that the competences acquired are transferable and usable in many other emerging fields that need the rigor that science has.

The PhD-NAS, in accordance with the Spanish regulations (art. 5 of RD 99/2011), guarantees the acquisition by the doctoral student of the basic competences, abilities and / or personal skills of doctoral studies:

· List of competences (.pdf)