Educational activities

Actividades formativas - Doctorado en Ciencias Naturales y Aplicadas

The training activities planned in the PhD-NAS are the following:

· Seminar series "New Trends in Science".
· Workshop on Research in Science and Health Sciences of the University of Navarra.
· Training plan for the PhD students (by the School of Science).
· Teaching training (by the Quality and Innovation Service of the University of Navarra).
· Peer reviewed publications in high impact journals.
· Research stays (≥ 3 months).
· Short research stays.
· Participation in conferences and other scientific meetings.
· Specific training courses.
· Research Seminars of the School of Science.
· Language courses of scientific interest.
· Course on Anthropological and Ethical Bases of Research at the University.
· Generic training activity.

Further details about the above educational activities can be found either in the documents from the Spanish Government application for official recognition (in Spanish) or in this practical guide for PhD students and advisors.