Financial aid and scholarships

Scholarships and much more, so that no one need give up on their studies

The pandemic has complicated the financial situations of many families. At least temporarily, as long as the effects of the crisis continue, some students may find it difficult to register for First Year or to re-register for later years.

At the University of Navarra we hope that no one is forced to give up their studies for financial reasons. This is not a reaction to the current circumstances: it is one of our founding principles. In fact, many students of the University apply for and are awarded public grants from regional, national and international funding bodies.

To complement these public scholarships, the University grants aid to students who need it. The first approach is to personalize tuition fees to the situation and needs of each student. To this end, the University allocates just over €1 million in aid to undergraduate students and a similar amount to master’s students. Total financial aid of this kind amounts to €4.5 million thanks to the Alumni Scholarships program and further donations from third parties.

Moreover, to mitigate the negative impact of the current crisis, the University has strengthened its financial aid programme, significantly increasing resources for this purpose. In particular, it will allocate an additional €2 million euros to support undergraduate and master’s students, First Years and those registering in other years. Part of this amount will come from contributions that the University aims to raise among its alumni and other donors.