Master in curatorial studies

Proyección profesional

Professional prospects

Graduates will have the capacity to address the contemporary development of culture with a critical and thoughtful approach and will possess the theoretical and technical knowledge that will enable them to work as:

  • Intellectual and operational authors of exhibitions at public and private art centers and museums.

  • Independent promoters of artists.

  •  Art consultants on the creation, preservation and expansion of public and private collections.

  • Directors of art festivals, artist-in-residence programs, award program coordinators, etc.


Graduates of the master’s degree will also be able to pursue careers as:

  • Museum managers in the management or administration of services, design of museum projects, planning and design of exhibitions, conservation and dissemination of heritage property.

  • Art critics in the traditional media and in new formats of journalism.

  • Experts in the cataloging, valuation and appraisal of works of art, independently or for galleries, auctions and fairs.

  • Cultural heritage managers at foundations, companies and public and private partnerships with links to cultural heritage.


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